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What's New in Version 6

Version 6 was officially released on 16 December 2015. Prior to that, Version 6 was made available as a Beta version. With Version 6, Cashbook Complete has had a major platform change from Microsoft Access 97 to Microsoft Access 2010. Other enhancements to Version 6 include:-

  1. Right-clicking to copy and paste, delete line, etc
  2. Scrolling with the mouse
  3. Emailing Quotes
  4. Emailing to multiple email addresses per contact
  5. Exporting or emailing Invoices, Statements, Quotes and Reports as PDFs
  6. Improved envelope printing
  7. Other minor bug fixes and improvements

"I wanted to say that I have had time to experiment with the new features of Cashbook, and I am all the more impressed. It sure has made accounting a much easier chore for me. Tracking the Accounts Receivable Aging has improved my cash flow tremendously, and being able to email my invoices has saved me a little money already. Be assured that I am promoting Cashbook to many of my colleagues." - Keith Hull