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Microsoft Access Service Pack 2 Required

If you see a "Microsoft Access Service Pack 2 Required" message when starting Cashbook, then it means the "Service Pack 2" for the "Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime" is missing. See an example of this message.

The easiest thing to try is to Download the "Service Pack 2" from Microsoft's website. However, if the "Service Pack 2" cannot be installed (because something already on your system is conflicting with it), then we recommend that you follow the steps below:-

What Can You Do?

Cashbook has also been designed to work using the "Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime", so you can install that instead.

  1. In Windows, go to your list of installed apps/programs, then uninstall the "Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime"
  2. Click here to download the "Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime"
  3. You will be given the option to download either of these files:-
    • "accessruntime_4288-1001_x64_en-us.exe"
    • "accessruntime_4288-1001_x86_en-us.exe"
    Important: Only choose the "accessruntime_4288-1001_x86_en-us.exe" option (even if you have a 64-bit computer). See example
  4. When the download has finished, double-click the "accessruntime_4288-1001_x86_en-us.exe" file to install it

After completing those steps, you should be able to run Cashbook as normal.