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The Cashbook is so easy to use! Simply enter your income and expenses, and then tick them off as they appear on your bank statement. Or, even simpler — download your bank statement from your bank's website and import it into the Cashbook.

  Feature Description
Import Bank Statements from the Internet Import your bank statements (.QIF file) from your bank's website.
Electronic Bank Reconciliation Automatically reconcile existing transactions when importing your bank statement.
Import Rules Set up rules to automatically handle recurring transactions.
Split Transactions Show a series of costs as one entry in the cashbook. For example a credit card displays as one line on the bank statement but needs to be separated into lots of categories.
Standard Reports Keep track of everything with Transaction, Summary and Detailed reports.
Custom Reports Build your own reports.
Graphs View your monthly income and expenses.
Bank Reconciliations Easily print out a Bank Reconciliation report.
Import Data from Another Program You can import transactional data from Microsoft Money, Quicken, or any other software that supports the .QIF file format.
Cashbook Linked to Projects Allocate income and expenses against various projects.
Cashbook Linked to Contacts Allocate income and expenses against various contacts.
Cashbook Linked to Invoicing Allocate payments received against invoices.
Cashbook Linked to Creditors Allocate expenses against creditors.
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