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Is Your Accounting Software Too Complicated to Use?

For most small business owners, bookkeeping is a chore.

Does it sound like mumbo-jumbo when you hear terms like "double entry accounting", "general ledger", "accounts receivable", and so on?

Most accounting packages are just too complicated, and unforgiving of errors for the typical small business owner!

Try Our Keep–It–Simple Accounting Software

With Cashbook Complete, your accounting is simpler and faster and it's easy to get up and running, even for non-accountants.

Cashbook Complete is feature-rich, but still uses simple terminology. You can import your bank statements from the internet and do your reporting in a snap.

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"Can I just say... I have over the last few days done trials with Quickbooks, and a number of other
programs, to the point of pulling my hair out, and then I was blessed when I came across your software!
So easy to use, unreal, great reports, everything I need... and you know what the worst bit is,
I have a Diploma in Accounting!  Two thumbs up to you!"  –  Sharon Locker-Lloyd

The Importance of Simple Accounting Systems

Raewyn Schwerzel
Small Business Accountant

I've been doing accounts for small businesses for many years now, and often the most time consuming and costly part of doing someones accounts is having to fix all their mistakes.  This comes mainly from them not understanding how to use a double entry accounting package which is just too complicated for them.

Most small businesses don't need an elaborate system.  They just need something simple that they understand.  That's why I recommend them using something that is cashbook based because it has simple Ins and Outs.  People just "get it", and it saves a lot of heart-ache at the end of the year.

"Thanks very much for developing this package. It is so easy to use, so quick; I can't believe
how fast it is now to do my GST return and end of year stuff."  –  Kazik Kaczon

Cashbook Complete Features

Ease of Use icon

Ease of Use

This is by far our most common compliment. Cashbook Complete is easy to understand and is designed with non-accountants in mind


Free Support icon

Free Tech Support

We offer free email support to registered users. Try getting that for the other accounting packages


Free Trial icon

Free 90 Day Trial

If after 90 days you're not completely satisfied, you can stop using it and you don't owe us a cent


Value for Money icon

Value for Money

Affordable and flexible pricing - a low monthly subscription or a one-time fee for a lifetime registration


Bank Reconciliation icon

Internet Enabled

Import bank statements from your bank's website and set up rules for recurring transactions. Send invoices and statements by email


Free Updates icon

Free Updates

When there's a new update, just download it for free. There are no upgrade fees


Multiple computers icon

Works in Multiple Locations

You can use your cashbook at home and at work, or share it with your accountant, by storing your data on the Internet


Dropbox backup icon

Backup to the Cloud

If you use Dropbox, your Cashbook data is automatically backed up to the Internet for safe-keeping


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Are You Backing Up Your Important Data?
It's vital that you do regular backups to keep your files safe.
Click here to download the best FREE software to Backup to a USB Stick.

What You're Not Being Told About Online Accounting

  1. Much More Expensive: Cloud software typically works on a pay-per-month or pay-per-year basis. 'That means a very high cost of ownership for something you never actually own'.
  2. Web-Based Accounts Can be Hacked: Your data is vulnerable to hackers and online threats. In 2014, JPMorgan Chase (a major U.S. bank) had 76 million accounts compromised (of which 7 million were small business accounts). In 2015, Xero asked their users to change their passwords because accounts had been compromised with a phishing scam. 'Every business owner must be aware of the risks'.
  3. Much Slower to Navigate: For a computer program like Cashbook Complete the screens come up instantly. With web-based applications however, you need to wait for every page to load, even with a high speed connection. If every click takes 5 seconds, then after several hundred clicks 'you waste about an hour every month', just waiting. If you are a more intensive accounting person, you could be waiting two or three hours a month. What a waste!
  4. "Do-It-Yourself" Tech Support: Cloud-based services seldom provide adequate support for their customers. Many cloud-based companies are not available by email or phone and expect their consumers to use online communities or forums for support.
  5. Government Departments Can Snoop: We have in the past been asked by government departments to provide customer's cashbook accounts. Fortunately we have legitimately been able to say "Sorry, but we don't have it!". Online accounting software companies however will need to comply with the request as shown in this example.

Your Double Satisfaction Guarantee

Double Satisfaction Guarantee

We're confident that you'll find Cashbook Complete to be the best choice for your business or organisation, and that's why we offer you the following guarantee.

  1. Your FREE 90 Day Trial
    Use Cashbook Complete for 90 days and be confident that you're making the right decision for your business or organisation. We'll even provide you with FREE tech support both before and after purchasing!
  2. Your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    If you aren't completely satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, we'll simply refund your money! Try getting that from any other accounting software companies!

    Terms and conditions.

Try Cashbook for 90 days.
You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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"Cashbook Complete is a superb program. I have used it for years and am always impressed by its versatility and ease of use. Your product backup is the best I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for making a big positive difference in administering my business." – Bruce Walter (Psychology at Work)

What People Are Saying

"This is the best value cashbook software I have ever seen and used."

Warren Bailey

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"Not only is your company's software great, but the customer support is fantastic. I have been recommending this software to all my friends with small businesses, and will continue to do so."

Louis Allen

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"Can I just say... I have over the last few days done trials with Quickbooks, and a number of other programs to the point of pulling my hair out, and then I was blessed when I came across your software! So easy to use, unreal, great reports, everything I need... and you know what the worst bit is, I have a Diploma in Accounting! Two thumbs up to you!"

Sharon Locker-Lloyd

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"I still reckon Acclaim is the best accounts software for small business operators like myself, and preach its virtues to others looking for a hassle free program. I have been using Acclaim since April 2001 and it has never let me down."

Keith Flinders

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"I wanted to say that I have had time to experiment with the new features of Cashbook, and I am all the more impressed. It sure has made accounting a much easier chore for me. Tracking the Accounts Receivable Aging has improved my cash flow tremendously, and being able to email my invoices has saved me a little money already. I anticipate the money that I save on faxing invoices will pay for a vacation by the end of the second year. Be assured that I am promoting Cashbook to many of my colleagues."

Keith Hull

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"We have been using Cashbook Complete for over ten years now for our butchery business and have never been let down. It has been a fantastic program, a good investment, and has fully coped with all our invoicing and database requirements as well as offering a comprehensive cashbook, budget and reports. Also, having the free upgrades is great. I have considered changing to Quickbooks for the cashflow forecasting and other extras, only because I will be using the software anyway for another business, but decided against it because I like having Cashbook's 10 years historical data at my fingertips, and it really is doing all we need!"

Jackie Lowry

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"Just a quick note to thank you, after recently purchasing Arrow Driving Academy I was looking for a user-friendly software package, and I found it with Cashbook. I took a crash course yesterday after downloading it from your site. So now I can sleep soundly knowing that my financials are up-to-date and correct."

Yolanda Selvatino

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